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Club Roots is a leader in hair growth for men & women.  We're a vertically integrated biotech that exist to help you fight back hair loss with some of the most cutting edge science possible for follicle reconstruction.  Learn more about how it all got started.

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Dermatologists and Hair Transplant clinics around the world carry Club Roots. Many of these physicians are involved in our on-going BASEL multi-stage clinical trials on hair growth.

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Club Roots is a partnership of doctors, product engineers, hair growth hackers, and people like you. Join a group working on combating hair loss through high performance products.

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Club Roots is the flagship hair growth line of 18|8 Fine Men's Salon where we power their in-salon hair growth and monitoring program. 

Healthy hair starts at the Roots

Nutrition, Free Radicals, Stress, DHT, Blood Flow, Hormones, Environment, and Genetics all play a role in the biology of your hair follicle.  Club Roots treats all of these with our Hair Growth Box.

Comprehensive Ingredients

Our multi-lateral approach to hair growth begins by an exhaustive set of ingredients, all dosed at optimized levels from our clinical trials.

High Dose Caffeine

Well documented to help stimulate hair follicles for increased hair growth, as well as its effects on DHT.

High Dose Biotin

An essential B-Vitamin that rarely is utilized in high enough dosage in shampoos for key hair benefits.  Club Roots prides itself in utilizing the purest biotin in high levels to ensure best results.

Procyanadin B-2 from Apples

Extracted molecules from apples, aids in stimulating hair as well as dealing with parafolicular fibrosis (hardening of the hair follicle). 

EGCG from Green Tea Extract

Rich in polyphenols, which are key micronutrients loaded with antioxidents,  aids hair follicles by creating a better scalp environment.  This leads to healthier hair cylcles.

Resveratrol from Apples

An extremely powerful anti-oxidant.  While most commonly known for its health benefits in red wine, Reservatrol in direct dosage to the hair and follicle helps to prevent parafollicular fibrosis

Vitamin D

Any deficiency in Vitamin D is commonly linked to telogen effluvium (hair shedding) and hair loss.  Every cell in your body has a Vitamin D  receptor and the consistant fueling of these cells is essential.

Ascorbic Acid

An essential anti-oxidant that fuels proper functioning of cellular processes and follicular health.

Vitamin B-6

Known as an energy supplement, it is key in cellular health and encourages proper hair follicle cycling.   


One of the core components of ATP, an energy molecule. Your hair cells are one of the fastest replicating in your body, and this ingredient helps them grow at an optimal pace.

And More...

In addition to these hair stimulating actives, we include numerous moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients for your scalp and hair roots

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Performance. It's in our DNA.

Performance based manufacturing isn't an accident.  It is the meticulous work of experts in their craft.

The Club Roots team has experience on all aspects of product development from molecule creation and hypothesis generation, clinical assessments and clinical trial design/target demonstration, all the way to manufacturing/synthesis and encapsulation.

Accept no compromise on the quality of your hair growth products.  With our 90-day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose.  Get Started Today.

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Innovation in Delivery Systems

Club Roots is a joint venture with advanced encapsulation lab, where we manufacture products with a high engineering standards.  These tolerances enable our ability to deliver precise and optimized ingredients, at exacting loading levels.

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