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A Total Hair Optimization Program

What Is Total Hair Optimization?

The goal of a comprehensive treatment to hair stimulation involves addressing all the factors that can weaken hair. We created the Total Hair Optimization program in order address the comprehensive range of factors that affect your hair growth, strength, shine, and health.

Haircare starts at the Roots. SparkTM brush liquid is the world’s first topical treatment which includes multiple clinically proven ingredients for your hair encapsulated using state of the art NEOhairTM technology. This advanced formulation process allows for consistent delivery of the active ingredients over time, without the use of harsh ingredients that can cause irritation.

Every product we launch undergoes clinical trials for publication in some of the most prestigious journals. The data we receive is used to constantly evolve and improve our product offerings.

Our goal is to make it possible to freeze your current hair in time, preventing further loss and improving the existing hairs which have been damaged. A society with hair is a more confident society, so let’s build this future together.

Mission Statement
by Club Roots