NEOhair Liposome Technology

NEOhair Liposome Technology

We often just look at the active ingredients on the label when picking a product.  However, it is often the excipients, or "other ingredients," that can make a major difference on a products look, feel, efficacy, and compatibility with your skin.

All the ingredients in Roots Spark use patented NEOhairTM liposome technology.  This technique micronizes all the ingredients to be quite small--smaller than 1 micrometer--and then encapsulates them in a fat molecule.  Fats tend to go through the skin easily, allowing the active ingredients to work on your hair follicles directly.

Because of NEOhairTM liposome technology, we avoid using harsh ingredients.  Minoxidil 5% is built with high alcohol and propylene glycol, both skin irritants. Although these ingredient does improve the skin's ability to uptake ingredients, it causes dryness, irritation, and skin damage.  Many users of minoxidil 5% have complained about this side effect, because it is often included with alcohol.

Another benefit of NEOhairTM liposome technology 

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