Which Spark is right for me?

Spark and Spark Plus are both powerful scalp topicals designed to bolster and improve hair growth.  But which one is the right start for you?

Preventative/Early Stages: Spark

For preventative care choose Spark to maintain healthy hair if hair loss runs in your family.  Early care is essential as 30-40% of hair can shed before thinning is noticed.

In early periods of recession and thinning, we recommend Spark and Minoxidil in tandem to reverse early detected hair loss.  By beginning with Spark, you can move to stronger formulas down the line if condition begins to change.

Strongest Care: Spark Plus

For those who do not want to use Minoxidll but want to reverse as much hair loss as possible without medication, Spark Plus is recommended.

If you have struggled with hair loss or have plateaued from using other therapies, we recommend Spark Plus and MInoxidil in tandem.

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