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Celebrity Hair Idols

       How is it that everytime I find myself on Instagram every girl has perfect hair. No fly aways, no split ends, no frizziness just completely perfect hair. HOW?! Of course there is photoshop and every other editing app on the market today but I just don’t understand how someone can have such perfect hair all the time. Even in the tabloids celebrities always have perfect hair when they step out into public and look like they just came out of a photoshoot even when they consider it “messy”. How does that even happen? I guess I will never know.

      Setting unrealistic hair expectations for us girls is just not fair. Not all of us have thousands of dollars to spend on a hairstylist to do our hair every time we wake up or decide to go out. So how do I get hair just like the Kardashians?

     The answer is simple. You don’t. I know it’s hard to hear but most of us girls are not going to get the hair all the Kardashians have because not all of us have Jen Atkin as our best friend. Trying every product Ulta or Sephora have to offer may help but will definitely hurt your wallet unlike the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Girls like myself have to face the facts that we may have great hair but it will never look like these celebrities that put out unrealistic expectations. It will take some time to get over but I know that even though we may not have Kim Kardashian's hair we can still have beautiful hair too.