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Hair Shedding 101

Ever brush your hair and happen to glance in your sink and be horrified by the amount of hair that has fallen out of your head? Has your dad, boyfriend or pretty much any male ever yelled at you for clogging the drain after you got out of the shower? If you answered yes to these questions welcome to the life of being a girl. Everyday it’s a constant “How is there so much hair in the shower?!” or I even find myself questioning how there is so much hair in the sink just from brushing my hair a couple of times. Every girl has the thought of “Oh my god am I going bald?!” at least once a day or if not more. It’s just how us girls work. Worrying is our speciality and especially when it comes to our hair.

One of the biggest fears for most girls is losing their hair, so seeing the amount of hair that often comes out of our head can be a scary sight to see. Hair shedding is often normal in girls and a lot of it is caused by all the styling that we put our poor strands of precious hair through. Giving your hair a break once in awhile could be beneficial to your hair but doesn’t always seem to work because I still find myself getting yelled at for constantly clogging the shower drain no matter what I do. We even have a drain net to catch the hair and yet there the drain STILL clogs. How does that even happen?! Whether us girls like it or not hair shedding is just something that comes with being a girl whether your hair is short, long, curly or straight we have to face the facts that it’s just going to happen. Tell your dads, boyfriends and whoever you may live with that hair shedding is just something that comes with the territory when living with a girl. Take it or leave it. Sorry guys.