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How Much Women Really Love Their Hair

“Why are you taking so long to get ready?!” said every guy ever. Men don’t understand that us women take pride in how we look especially when it comes to our hair. Hair for us is something that can make or break a woman's look instantly. We can also instantly turn into your worst nightmare if you happen to find yourself around a woman who is having a bad hair day. Hair is much more than something that grows on our heads but it rather is a way for us women to express ourselves.

Cutting, dyeing and styling are some of the many ways us women choose to express ourselves through our hair. Hair is important to our bodies and we should take pride in the bad and good days our hair has, that’s why they invented hats.



Simply changing one small thing on your hair can completely change your confidence and look even though your boyfriend might not notice... you will and that’s all that matters. Stepping into that salon can either be the scariest or most exciting thing us women to look forward to. The bond between a woman and her stylist is sacred because of the trust factor that plays a huge role in having the stylist not completely ruin your hair. This comes about through trial and error while testing out different hair salons and which one works for you.

Long, short, straight, wavy or curly a woman and her hair is an unbreakable bond. The perfect hair day can lead a woman straight to success with the confidence of Beyonce while having a bad hair day can have you in a Britney Spears 2007 meltdown. (dramatic? I know). We women know when our hair looks good and when our hair looks absolutely horrible, so make sure next time you see your friend tell her how great her hair looks and make her day.