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Split Ends

What’s worse than having split ends? Well if you asked a woman pretty much nothing. Split ends can be defined as your hair splitting at the very end from being too damaged or just being overly dry.

Women everywhere are struggling with split ends and are trying every known trick Google has to offer but nothing ever seems to work. Between trying coconut oil, olive oil, honey mixtures and smearing avocado all over your head the split ends are still there and seem to not being going anywhere.

So what should us women do about this horrible problem corrupting our hair everyday? Embrace the split ends. Yup I said it, we should embrace our split ends because sometimes smearing our fridge all over our heads isn’t always the correct answer. Somehow Google doesn’t know everything...weird I know. Even after getting a haircut I have found myself finding split ends just DAYS after getting cut. So unfair.

Another logical way to stop split ends would be to stop using constant heat on our hair like straighteners, curling irons and blowdryers but let's be real here that isn’t going to happen unless we want to look like we just rolled out of bed everyday. It just won't work even though it would help 80% of the problem. The only cure that will help reduce these split ends for good is Bloom. Bloom has all natural ingredients that are sure to reduce the horrible split ends we girls have to deal with.

No matter how many haircuts you get it always seems that split ends make their way back into your life like that ex boyfriend that won’t stop texting you at 2am.

So embrace those split ends and not that ex that comes back into your life because unlike your ex the split ends can eventually be fixed just by a simple haircut, until the next time you find yourself at your desk with hair all over the floor pulling out each individual split end.