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Tinder and Hair

When it comes to dating apps, especially Tinder, appearance is everything. One important part of your appearance is your hair. Women pride themselves on their hair and often spend countless hours and money making sure it is just right. Men on the other hand often do not think of hair as an accessory but more of something that is just there that needs the lowest maintenance of all with spending as little money as possible on it. This can cause issues when it comes to the dating world and where first impressions are everything.

Tinder is known for being an app where the first picture you see is either an automatic swipe right or swipe left. The one most strived for is a swipe right because this now means that you are now a potential match.

Tinder has become so popular with millennials that it is now almost known as the main source of dating or “hookups”. But does hair play a factor whether you get swiped right? Since Tinder is 100% visual the case would be yes, hair does play a major factor mainly in men.

The first thing women see is how men keep up their appearance and with a Tinder picture that shows balding or receding hair the likelihood of her swiping right is not very likely. Having hair does not only improve your appearance but sometimes can even make any guy seem younger if taken care of right. Being bald or even having bald spots can age and reduce your appearance and most importantly getting a swipe left. Make sure to think about your hair next time you go on Tinder and how having healthy hair is not only beneficial but also might get you your next date.