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Top 5 Lazy Day HairStyles

Ever wake up and just not feel like doing anything with your hair or your hair is to big of a mess to even fix? We have all been there especially when you don’t want to use any heat on your hair or even wash your hair because of the fear of damaging your hair. Here are 5 hairstyles you can easily do without the hassle of trying too hard.

  • 1. The Ponytail
  • The best go to hairstyle when feeling super lazy is a simple ponytail. Not only is it easy to do but it also looks professional and like you’re more put together then you actually are.

  • 2. Messy Bun
  • The Messy Bun always seems to be the best option, if you can master the technique of getting it to look “perfectly messy”. This option might be the hardest because of the numerous amount of times you might have to try to get it perfect but hey it is an option.

  • 3. Braids
  • Knowing how to braid can be very beneficial when it comes to those lazy days. Throwing your hair in the classic french braid or even going “fancier” and doing a fishtail can really seem like you tried really hard but in reality it took you 2 minutes and you’re out the door.

    4.Hat Hair
    If you aren’t that skilled it hairstyles one of the easy ways out would be too just throw a hat on. Hats are now becoming more accepted as a fashion statement so don’t worry about being the odd one out. Hats are easy to put with any outfit so don’t be afraid to just throw one on.

  • 5.Headband
  • Last but certainly not least is the good ole headband when all else fails. There are so many options when it comes to headbands so you will never run out and along with that it hides that second, third or maybe even fourth day hair. Never look down on the good ole headband.