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Top 5 things you can find in your kitchen to help your hair

2) Top 5 things you can find in your Kitchen to help your hair

Ever go into your local beauty store and reach for a hair mask then look at the price and realize you can buy 3 pairs of shoes for that money? Yes we have all been there. For some reason hair masks seem to be outrageously expensive and it is often something our hair needs every once in awhile after being damaged, but who wants to pay that ridiculous price? What some people may or may not know is that there are cheaper alternatives to these hair masks that work just as great. Here are 5 things you can find right in your kitchen that work just as well as though expensive hair masks…

1. Coconut oil

By now whenever someone hears the word “coconut oil” they know it is more than just an oil. For some reason this oil has become the topic of conversation when it comes to anything and everything. The reason coconut oil is so great because it has so many uses and one of those uses is an awesome hair mask. Leave the coconut oil on for 30 minutes or even overnight and your hair will feel soft and brand new, plus it is way cheaper than a beauty brand hair mask.

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Now this option might be towards the messier route if not done the correct way but it can save your hair from a lot of damage. Olive oil, even though it’s a very tough oil and can be tricky to wash out, is a great solution to a hair mask when you’re on a tight budget.


3. Avocado

Avocado is a great option for a hair mask because it can be mixed with so many things. Not only is it healthy for your hair just by itself but it also it great when mixed with either honey, olive oil or even egg. Any hair mask with avocado will be life changing for your hair

4. Lemon

If you’re looking for some skincare for you scalp and in a bind use a lemon. Lemons can help your scalp with dandruff and numerous amounts of stuff as well. If you are looking to lighten your hair you can even put lemon on your hair to lighten your strands.

5. Egg

Last but not least would the option everyone probably has in their fridge, eggs. Eggs are great for your hair health because it strengthens your hair strands. Eggs can even be mixed with multiple other ingredients like the ones mentioned above! 

So if you’re on a budget and can’t afford those ridiculous hair masks give some of these a try and feel free to experiment with hair masks, as long as it’s safe. You’re hair and your wallet will thank you.