The Big 3 - Traditional Hair Growth Solutions

The Big 3 - Traditional Hair Growth Solutions

The traditional hair growth solutions have commonly been referred to as the big 3.  These are the most well known ingredients which grow hair.


Developed in the 90's, minoxidil is an anti-hypertensive agent which grows hair by improving blood flow to your scalp, which increases nutrients that your hair receives.  Learn more.


Finasteride is a highly effective DHT blocker.  In clinical studies, it blocks up to 80% of DHT that reaches your scalp.


Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal agent which has been shown to improve hair shaft width and also improve the amount of hairs in the growth phase.  Learn more.

I've already use these 3 things.  What else can I do?

In order to prevent a hair growth plateau, at Club Roots we recommend additional therapeutic options in addition to the treatments above.

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