Saw Palmetto - Blocks DHT, activates TGF-B, and improves mitochondrial signaling


What is it?

Saw Palmetto is an active ingredient found in Biotin Shampoo & Biotin Conditioner.

Scientific Research behind Saw Palmetto:

Study #1:
From the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, authors H.-L. Zhu, Y.-H. Gao, J.-Q. Yang, J.-B. Li, J. Gao determined that Serenoa repens extracts promote hair regeneration and repair of hair loss mouse models by activating TGF-β and mitochondrial signaling pathway.

They concluded that:

"LSESr treatment significantly enhanced Bcl-2 expression and reduced Bax expression compared to that of DHT treated mice (p<0.05). Meanwhile, effects of LSESr were substantial even achieving to the potential of finasteride."

For the full article, see here.

Club Roots Products that feature this technology:

Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner, a hair growth shampoo and conditioner, contain saw palmetto loaded at an optimized level for better, healthier looking hair.