What is a vasodilator? How does it improve hair growth?

What is a vasodialater?

A vasodilator is any ingredient which increases blood flow.  Minoxidil 5% is the most well known vasodilator.

How does it work?

By increasing blood flow to your hair follicle, a vasodilator improves your hair's nutrition and support.  If you take someone with a full head of hair and apply a topical vasodilator, they will grow even fuller and healthier hair,

Are there alternatives to Minoxidil 5%?

Pimoxidil, an all natural vasodilator, is found in Spark Plus

Club Roots is the first to source and extract this ingredient, as we found that not everyone responds well to Minoxidil 5%.

It is excellent for those who have an adverse reaction to Minoxidil 5%, or are not experiencing the results they want from just Minoxidil 5%.

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