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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use the brush?

The HydroBrush is very easy to use. Just unscrew the black cap on the bottom and fill it with 60mL of Spark or Bloom. Then simply brush your hair, and the treatment is applied! Do this once in the morning and once at night and watch for best results. For best use, refill the brush every time is get below 20mL to ensure proper flow.

2. How does the subscription service work?

To sign up, you choose the tier of subscription that works best for you and enter an address to receive it. Then each month we ship your products right to your door. It’s as easy as that!

3. How did you create this products?

We worked with a top scientist in the field, Dr. Luna to create these revolutionary products. He has been researching the formulas for decades and has written books and papers on the topic.

4. How long does it take to start to see effects?

If used properly, results should begin to show up after about  months of use, however it varies from person to person. Regardless, for the best results continue to use twice a day, even after results are apparent.

5. What do I receive every month?

For the first subscription plan

6. What is the warranty system for the Hydrobrush?

If you are a subscription member of the club, simply notify us that your brush broke and we will send you another one. If you purchased your HydroBrush as part of a single item purchase you will need to buy another one.

7. How do returns work? And who pays for it?

On each product page, we list the warranty offered for each product.  At Club Roots, we stand by our hassle free return policy.

8. What are the ingredients?

All ingredients are listed on the outside of each carton.  Each product is tested for consistency, batch after batch, using advanced HPLC methods to ensure quality between batches.

9. Is it safe?

Yes. All our products have been clinically tested.  If irritation occurs, simply discontinue use.

10. How long will one bottle last?

Each bottle is created to last 1 month. By that time, the next month’s products will have arrived.

11. What should I order?

We started Club Roots to take all the pain points out of having any hair issues.  So, while you can start with just a starter set, we recommend starting with Total Hair Optimization for the first month to have a complete, comprehensive approach to keeping your hair at it's best.

12. How do I cancel my subscription?

It is easy. If you are at all unhappy with your subscription service you can go to the settings tab and cancel at no extra charge.

13. How long does it take to ship?

US order should arrive within 1 week of the purchase date and all other orders will arrive shortly after.

14. Why does it work?

In short, science.  On each product page, we go into greater scientific detail as to the ingredients and possible mechanisms behind their use.

15. What products are compatible with the HydroBrush?

Spark, Bloom, and Boost are 3 compatible treatments built by Club Roots for the HydroBrush.

16. Is this a scam?

No! If used properly, these products have all been shown in perception trials to improve users experience with their hair.  For more information, see the science behind each product on the individual page.

17. Am I too far in the hair loss process to use this product?

No, this product is effective for any stage of hair loss because it has regrowth capabilities. However it is best if you use immediately once you notice any hair loss.

18. Will the brush leak?

No as long as you put the cover on after each use the brush will not leak. The serum is distributed to your scalp once the pressure of brushing your hair is applied.

19. Do I need to put the cover on after I use the brush?

Yes, every time you use the brush you have to put the cover back on to ensure that the serum does not drip out of the bristles.