Hair Growth Guide

Hair Growth Guide

Hair Growth Guide

Hair Growth Guide from Club Roots is the definitive resource for hair growth knowledge broken down from our research facility in Doral, FL.  There is tremendously exciting research happening in the areas of hair growth and delivery systems.

With that excitement, however, comes misinterpretation and hype. The guide cuts through the noise and distills the latest data, results, and conclusions from peer-reviewed, statistically significant studies.

Our goal is to produce a resource for you to understand the major pathways behind hair loss, the ingredients discovered and pathways they work on, and the new innovations in delivery systems that can help these ingredients work deep inside the dermal pappila, or the base of the hair follicle.

Get a complete answer with Total Hair Optimization

The reason we built the Total Hair Optimization program is because we, like you, have hair loss.  When used together, these treatments address all of the above pathways and are the most comprehensive solution available for healthier hair.

Medical Pathways:

We did an exhaustive compilation of the pathways which can cause hair loss in partnership with our medical team.  By building a treatment which uses a multilateral approach, our goal was to comprehensively address the different drivers of hair loss in a single formulation.

Proven Pathways:

Research Cited:

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