How are topical treatments developed?

Our research and development behind our topical treatments is an extensive one and a collaboration between our research scientists at Roots Hair Club, expert hair loss physicians, and volunteers who underwent clinical trials out here in San Francisco.

Research Science:

The first step in creating SparkTM was a comprehensive research of medical databases through our partnership with medical schools.  Our goal was to discover, analyze, and run a meta-analysis (or a study of studies) on all of the ingredients researched by physicians around the world that improve hair growth.

Medical Pathways:

We did an exhaustive compilation of the biological pathways which can cause hair loss in partnership with our medical team.  By building a treatment which uses a multilateral approach, our goal was to comprehensively address the different drivers of hair loss in a single formulation.

The existing treatments on the market often use a monotherapy approach.  While this can be effective, by ignoring the other pathways it is not a comprehensive therapy.  Users who do not use a multi-lateral treatment will never get the same results as those who do.

    Formulation Development:

    We then propose a formulation proposal to our medical team for review. The goal is twofold: to build a product built for the hair and scalp that we can release today based off of our short-term clinical trials, and to conduct a long-term clinical study in a medical center for publication in a prestigious medical journal.

    Short-Term Clinical Trials:

    Once the formulation is signed off by our research team and medical team, we run a short-term clinical trial out here in San Francisco.  Volunteers come in monthly to our headquarters for photos of their scalp, and we monitor the use of the hair growth treatments using specially equipped HydroBrushes with smart bluetooth technology.  If the brushes are not used, the treatment log reflects this.  By having this level of compliance, we can be assured that the results observed are the best possible and most accurately observed, as opposed to clinical trials where there is uncertainty about compliance.

    Medical doctors estimate that patient compliance varies significantly in many clinical trails, which is a confounding variable that has never been accounted before in a topical treatment trial.  By eliminating this variable, we are pursuing the most accurate and scientifically valid results.

    Long-Term Clinical Trails:

    After the formula proves results in our short-term trials, we produce a production batch and ship some to our physicians who begin long-term clinical trials.  These are scientifically robust, double blind studies which are built for publications in a prestigious medical journal.

    The reason we pursue this type of research is because we are building a movement to run one of the world's largest clinical trials on topical treatments for hair.

    Spark is the first of many formulas that are going to undergo this same rigorous process to build and refine against the multiple medical pathways that drive hair loss.