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How Can I Keep My Flow?

Chapter 1: Why are you here?

Maybe you’ve started losing hair, or have been losing hair for quite some time.  For many people, it can be a stressful experience.

But you’re not here because you want self-pity or be in denial about something happening to you.  Strength comes through action. You’re here because you want to take action.

Chapter 2: The Old Way

It seems that many people are stuck in the past on hair care technologies.  For many, they believe that this newspaper is accurate with today’s treatments: 


Chapter 3: Don’t be Ned

It’s so easy to be like Ned.  For many, their hair looks good enough, and they decide to not deal with the problem immediately because its not noticeable by others.  “People tend to notice hair loss after about 80% of the hair has gone missing” says Dr. Luna, MD.

If you have hair and are at the early stages of hair loss, it is a complete shame to not take care of it and treat it.  By waiting too long and not sticking to an aggressive treatment regimine, you may create a situation where there choices are undesirable and are either expensive surgery, or as a last case resort use undesirable and expensive hair systems.