There is a well documented history of Donald Trump caring about his hair. According to Trumped: The Inside Story of the Real Donald Trump by John O'Donnell, Trump once told an employee the following:

 "The worst thing a man can do is go bald.  
Never let yourself go bald."

Once Donald Trump he became a candidate for US presidency, everyone else started caring about this important issue as well, far beyond just jokes on talk shows. In fact, his hair become a highly trending topic on Google in the United States, Canada, and Australia:

As a blog obsessed with hair growth solutions, and an industry manufacturer, we have in depth knowledge of the exotic, cutting edge solutions that exist.  We take an in depth look at the following question:

A resourceful billionaire has time and money. What is the best possible solution that money can buy?

The Timeline

Donald Trump grew up in an era where hair loss technologies were just being invented.  Before 1990, there were no FDA approved treatments for hair growth.  The early 90's brought about topical minoxidil and finasteride.

Donald Trump's Father Had hair Loss

Fred Trump, Donald's late father, had a great head of hair but started to have hairline recession (see a photo here).  It is well known that hair loss has a complicated inheritance pattern, with a slight probability increased from a mother's side over a father's side.


The Early Days: Custom Treatments


 There is a contested debate about whether Donald Trumps hair is real.  We have all see his hair.  But is it real?

Hair systems have become quite advanced over the past 20 years.  Look at Jason Alexander from Seinfeld for proof about this new trend.  Unlike the stereotype toupee that we see in cartoons, these systems are often custom built to fit an age profile.

However we don't believe that he is wearing a hair system as many people have touched it on live TV and don't notice any subtleties that may be apparent when touching a hair system.


Trump Video Here


Trump Video Here