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Maintain Your Mane

Just like you maintain your car, you should maintain your hair with basic steps that ensure your daily habits aren't harming your hair.

1. Use a Gentle Shampoo, free of harsh sulfates or harsh ingredients

Not all shampoos are built for total hair optimization.  In fact, many contain harsh ingredients that cause hair damage and can accelerate hair loss.  "Harsh sulfates are a very undesirable ingredient, as they can cause inflammation of the hair follicle" says Dr. Luna, MD.  "Worse, however, is popular dandruff ingredients such as pyrithione zinc.  There are studies that have shown it can actually harm hair growth." 

2. Take caution with swimming often in heavily chlorinated pools

For the regular person who is unconcerned with their hair, chlorine is not a major factor and the damage from swimming is not a concern for them.  However, for total hair optimization, it is recommended to avoid swimming often in heavily chlorinated pools.  Every so often is not a problem, but daily exposure can accelerate and worsen your hair loss very quickly.

"Private swimming pools are often chlorinated much lower than public pools" says Dr. Luna, MD.  "The high traffic nature of public pools causes high levels of chlorination that both damage hair and have skin irritating properties.  For those sensitive to hair loss, we recommend avoiding these situations when possible."

3. Consider a volumizing shampoo in the early stages of hair loss

The reason people can see your scalp line, or notice thinning hair, is that the reduction of hair follicles on your head is enough to allow the visibility of the skin to show through.  While long acting treatments like minoxidil and Spark can improve the hair density and hair thickness over time, this isn't an instant solution.

A gentle volumizing shampoo is the best way to create instant volume to your hair.  By including ingredients that bind to your hairs and increase their diameter, they allow you to hide or reduce signs of thinning until your hair can be grown in further.

Another reason is how you feel about your hair.  If your hair is volumized in the early stages, you'll be more patient while the long-acting treatments take effect.