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Optimizing Diet for Hair Growth

1. Stay away from those egg whites.

“Egg whites contain albumin, which actually binds and reduces biotin levels in your body,” says Dr. Luna, MD.

While most people may have enough biotin in their system, we recommend that those undergoing hair loss don’t take risks by depleting these stores with diets that contain high amount of egg whites.

If you choose to enjoy that egg white omelette or hard boiled eggs, supplementing with biotin is a great choice

2. Have a diet rich in anti-oxidants.

Most people do not get enough anti-oxidants in their daily diet.  For those undergoing hair loss or hair thinning, we notice oxidative damage near the hair follicle called “perifollicular fibrosis.”

By getting adequate anti-oxidants, you help your body naturally fight this sign of aging and help keep your hair fortified.

3. Get plenty of Vitamin D

There is currently a public health crisis with Vitamin D levels in the average American.  According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the majority of Americans are insufficient or deficient in Vitamin D.

Did you know there are Vitamin D receptors on every single cell in your body?  It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and should absolutely be part of your diet or lifestyle.

4. If you drink alcohol on the weekends, take a multi-vitamin without iron

Excessive alcohol intake causes numerous effects in your body's storage of vitamins and minerals.  Especially interesting is that it increases the body stores of iron significantly.  Consider supplementing with a multivitamin (without iron) after a night of drinking to ensure your body maintains a proper balance of essential vitamins and minerals.