Biotin Conditioner - Your Daily Dose of Biotin



Get better, stronger, and healthier hair with Biotin Conditioner, which delivers your daily dose of Biotin with just two pumps.

What is it?

The perfect compliment to our Biotin Shampoo, the addition of Biotin Conditioner will add ultimate hydration to the hair and scalp. Club Roots uses the proper dose of Biotin to ensure that you are getting enough to your hair and scalp to prevent any deficiency.

Combined with key ingredients for cosmetic excellence it is an affordable way to help prevent future hair shedding and to add shine and volume to your hair.

Key Growth Features:

  • Liquid Biotin: Two pumps contain your daily dose of biotin.  This is achieved because Biotin is a very small molecule, and we only include >99% purity Biotin in our production.

Use Biotin Conditioner 1x a day for Optimal Hair Results

Ultra High Purity Biotin, sourced, tested, and confirmed for quality

Additional Information & Instructions for Use

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