Biotin Shampoo with DHT-RX5 Complex



Key Features:

  • Micronized™ Biotin: Two pumps contain your daily dose of biotin.  This is achieved because Biotin is a very small molecule.  By charging a Biotin molecule with a cationic charge, the product engineers at Club Roots developed a novel way to keep biotin on the scalp post-rinse off, allowing the ingredient to continue to work on your follicle for the next 12 hours after rinsing off

  • DHT RX-5 Complex™: Utilizing broad spectrum DHT Blockers, Biotin Shampoo blocks DHT on your scalp for optimal hair health

  • Anti-Oxidants: Key antioxidants such as Procyanadin B-2,  Resveratrol, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D all work together to reduce free radial damage at on both your skin and your hair roots.  

DHT-RX5 Complex™

Key Growth Factors

Active Ingredients, Additional Information & Instructions for Use

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