Beware of the Summer Sun

While Winter is coming to a close and the weather is slowly changing there is hope for warmer weather on the horizon. Summer is always a season to look forward to because of the countless activities it brings including pools, beaches and just going outside to enjoy the beautiful weather with your friends, but with the warm weather there is a downside for us ladies. Winter isn’t the only season that can wreak havoc on our hair... summer unfortunately isn’t the best for our hair either. All these summer activities are great and all but not so much for beautiful locks of hair. Between the chlorine that's in pools and the beach of your choice whether it be the lake or salty ocean these can all have harmful effects on our hair causing damage and dryness not matter what activity we choose to partake in.

Us girls take pride in our hair and especially with the winter months ending and our hair being dry and drained of moisture it is crucial to repair each strand so that when the summertime arrives we can look like we just came out of a Pantene commercial….wouldn’t that be great? The HydroBrush and Bloom treatment can make that possible by simply brushing your hair with the treatment. No it is not too good to be true and yes it is as easy as it sounds!

Pretty much every girl looks forward to the summer and going out with her friends but no girl ever wants to go out with a bad hair day. EVER.  Even though all these summer activities can have harmful effects on your hair you won’t have to worry with the HydroBrush and Bloom because even on your worst days you’ll still have great looking hair. So ladies next time you don’t wanna go to that pool party because it will “ruin your hair” you may want to rethink that decision and join in on the summer fun.