Donald Trump has not always been in the spotlight because of his businesses or running for president but if you’ve used the internet once or twice you may have seen articles, memes and even plain old pictures of his infamous hair. A lot of people have opinions on his hair and express this through funny memes and other media outlets so we thought we’d come up with three things that you may think if you’ve never seen Donald Trump’s hair before.

1. “What color is that…?”

When first looking at Trump’s hair you might be confused as to what color his hair actually is... is it blonde? white? maybe grey? To be honest with you I’m not quite sure either. Over the year Trump's hair has stayed the same blondish whitish color and not really changed much at all as he has aged. Maybe he gets it dyed that strange color but we really hope not.

2. “Why is his hair styled like that…?”

One thing that really baffles a lot of people when they first look at Donald Trump’s hair is “why in the world would he style it like that!?” We also don’t quite know the answer to that either but we do know that he’s done it like that for years and looks like he isn’t changing it anytime soon. His hairstyle has been compared to everything from a corn husk to a troll doll and it doesn’t stop there. Since Trump is now our president you would think that the comparisons of his hair would stop but my fortune telling skills are saying not anytime soon.

3. “Okay is that hair real or fake?”

This last thought that might go through your head is one that goes through many people’s brains “is his hair actually real or is he hiding something?” Many people think that even though Trump has stated his hair is real that he is lying because it looks so strange and almost toupee like which is clearly understandable. Once again I don’t think we will ever fully know the real truth if it’s real or not but maybe one day we will.