What is the HydroBrush?

What is the HydroBrush?

What is the HydroBrush?

The world’s first hair brush which dispenses topical treatments directly to your scalp, keeping your hair’s appearance natural.

The HydroBrush makes it effortless to apply treatment, and speeds the process to a few seconds.  Just brush your head once and you’re done.

How does it work?

The handle of the HydroBrushTM unscrews to allow the brush to be filled with 60mL of serum.  It then seals tightly so there is no leaking.

The treatment applies to the scalp at the tip of each bristle with a rolling ball, which only allows the treatment to flow when there is pressure applied to the ball.  This pressure happens when you are physically brushing your head.

Why use the HydroBrush?

Have you ever tried a dropper or sprayer to apply hair growth treatments?

There is simply no way to use these inferior applicators without hair growth material getting on your hair.  This causes the styling to be off, making it obvious to everyone that you have applied treatment.

Many people stop using topical hair treatments because the application process is so frustrating, cumbersome, and embarrassing.  By not using treatment twice daily, it perpetuates the cycle of hair loss, causing a self-fulfilling prophecy where the end user often has to accept, often bitterly, a poor hairline.

Can I use two different topical treatments with a single brush?

 We have formulated Spark with a special polymer that allows the brush to be filled with half minoxidil and half spark, creating a suspension.

What is a recommended treatment schedule with the HydroBrush?

After extensive research and development, we have engineered 2 different treatment protocols.  In our in-house clinical trials, users who used both minoxidil and spark experienced better results than just minoxidil alone.

Treatment #1: 

  • 1 Hydrobrush filled with Minoxidil 5%, applied twice daily
  • 1 Hydrobrush filled with Spark, applied twice daily

This is the most effective treatment protocol available right now in the United States. We have been asked many times why we don't include minoxidil 5% in Spark.  Unfortunately at this time, due to regulations in the United States, we cannot include minoxidil in the Spark formula.

Some users experience irritation with Treatment #1 because of the high alcohol in minoxidil 5%.  If this occurs, we recommend treatment #2.

Treatment #2:

  • 1 Hydrobrush filled with Minoxidil 5%, applied once daily
  • 1 Hydrobrush filled with Spark, applied twice daily

In our studies with this treatment protocol, virtually no users experienced any effects from the high alcohol present in minoxidil 5% treatments.

Why don't you combine Spark with minoxidil 5% in a single product?

We have a formula sold overseas, called Boost, which combines minoxidil with other agents.  However at this time, due to regulatory reasons, we cannot sell this in the United States.

How can I clean the HydroBrush?

To clean it, simply run water through the brush.  The flow of the water from the tap will push the water out of the tip.  To clean the outside, rinse water over the brush and wipe gently with a paper towel.  Be careful not to push the bristles sideways, as they will pop out of the rubber cover.  If this happens, gently grab the bristle that popped out and push it back in.

How long does the brush last? 

The brush is built with high quality HDPE plastic, and welded together for strength and longevity.  We have had users successful use the brush for longer than a year if properly maintained.  All purchases from us are backed by our stress free, money back guarantee.

What is the Future of the HydroBrush?



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