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Club Roots is a community of club members, biohackers, physicians, and clincial experts around the world working to build the strongest hair growth treatments possible.  Our motivation is simple: Our looks depend on it, and your's do too!

When you choose a Club Roots memberhsip, you're joining a community of people working to solve hair loss together.  To this end, you'll be getting access to some of the strongest and most advanced treatments possible.

Using Machine Learning to Study Hair Growth Ingredients

Club Roots has a full scale lab that studies the effectiveness of hundreds of ingredients for hair growth, and then doses them at optimal levels across our treatment systems.

At our global headquarters, Roots applies machine learning and AI optimization to determinate loading levels of active ingredients.  The end result?  Powerful, topical treatments that take a multi-lateral approach to modify and improve your hair follicle biology.  Healthy hair growth starts at the Roots.

All our active ingredients must pass double blind tests showcasing effectiveness at hair roots for improved hair growth with daily use.

Custom Ingredient Extractions

Building world class hair growth treatments involves more than just making a cosmetic.  Our founding team at Club Roots, first and foremost, wanted to build a science first approach to how we build our treatments.

We found that for many active ingredients that had potential to modify the hair follicle, they were difficult to obtain, not widely manufactured, or worse yet, the raw material quality was not up to the standards needed to build treatments at scale.

Our mission at Club Roots is to solve hair loss using topical treatments that prevent hair loss, as well as help active hair growth for any person who has hair loss.  

In order to deliver on this mission, Roots owns and operates specialty chemical extraction machines that help us deliver on our promise, such as an extractor for a potent Procyanadin B-2 extract.

The result?  When you purchase Club Roots, you're receiving the strongest hair growth topicals, possible.

Why Did We Build Our Own Factory?

When our founding team started Club Roots in 2015, there was a lot of skeptical manufacturers that we could actually alter a hair follicle or hair roots through a cosmetic product.

However, thanks to the internet and numerous scientific papers, we started with a competitive edge that proved true.  Bringing these ideas to light involved special machinery, extractors, as well as making sure that no matter what future innovations came out since our launch, we could improve the performance of our products and our tech stack behind them.

Made in the USA

Since 2015, we've been manufacturing advanced treatments here in the United States.  Our heritage comes from manufacturing clinically advanced products, and Club Roots stands by all our products with the Club Roots Promise.

For the majority of our products, including our Shampoos & Conditioners, everything inside the bottle is made using only USA souced components & products, and when you purchase Club Roots, you're helping build great American jobs at our production facility, while receiving the strongest products possible.

How can Club Roots help you today?

I've started losing hair, and am looking for a solution.

Welcome, we're glad you're here!  If you're new to Club Roots, the best way to get started is by taking our quiz.  This lets our club concierge track your progress and work with you based of your current hair wellness needs.

I'd like to talk to someone directly about my problem.

Sometimes, a friendly conversation and guide can help you get started.  Get started with 1-on-1 support from a Club Concierge, today.

I have no hair loss, and would like to prevent it from happening.

Hair loss can start before you even see it, and for many, they are not experiencing the most hair they can have genetically due to a variety of factors (environment, pollution, stress, etc.)  You can help combat these with our Total Hair Optimization program.

Does Club Roots offer any specials?

The best way to stay in touch with Club Roots is through our once a week email.  Sign up below to get 10% off your first order.


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