Discover AI's Choco-vanilla Volumizing Shampoo Formula

Having short textured hair helps you get through your wash days faster. 

However, you forget all about the ease of washing when you're with a comb in hand, staring into the mirror, painfully aware of the fact that you can't recreate the hairstyles you've been watching on YouTube because your hair is too short and difficult to style. 

We fed AI instructions for a chocolate shampoo recipe that will make textured, short hair feel voluminous and luxurious. Then we thought, why not add a bit of vanilla into the mix? So that's how we ended up with this shampoo recipe for short textured hair. 

By the way, our Shampoo Five can do everything that the formula below will do for your hair, and more. 

Core Ingredients

Cocamidopropyl betaine

Cocamidopropyl betaine, a surfactant derived from coconut oil, serves multiple roles in shampoo formulations. 

Primarily, it aids in the cleansing process, working in tandem with other surfactants to help remove dirt, oils, and impurities from the scalp and hair. 

Due to its amphoteric nature, cocamidopropyl betaine is mild and gentle, making it suitable for various hair types, including sensitive scalps. 

Additionally, it plays a crucial role in stabilizing and boosting foam, leading to a richer lather that enhances the shampooing experience. Its conditioning properties also help reduce static and leaves strands softer and smoother. 

Decyl glucoside 

Decyl glucoside, a mild and biodegradable non-ionic surfactant derived from renewable resources like cornstarch and coconut oil, is prized in shampoo formulations for its gentle cleansing properties. 

Acting as a detergent, it efficiently removes dirt, oils, and impurities from the hair and scalp without stripping away natural oils, making it suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. 

As a glucoside, it offers excellent foaming capabilities and helps in the formation of a consistent lather, enhancing the overall shampooing experience. 

Additionally, its environmentally-friendly nature and compatibility with various hair types make Decyl glucoside a popular choice for formulating gentle, natural, and sustainable shampoos.

Chocolate fragrance oil 

Chocolate fragrance oil in shampoo serves to infuse the hair with a delightful and appealing scent. 

This makes your hair-smelling experience enjoyable and potentially induces feelings of comfort or pleasure, owing to the widespread association of chocolate with indulgence and luxury. 

Beyond the olfactory appeal, some chocolate fragrance oils might contain beneficial elements like antioxidants, potentially offering some degree of nourishment to the hair. 

The captivating scent can also linger and provide a prolonged fragrance release and thus enhancing the overall sensory experience of using the shampoo. 

Cocoa extract 

Cocoa extract, enriched with natural antioxidants, minerals, and flavonoids, can offer multiple benefits to short, textured, hard hair. 

It can help to nurture and soften the hair strands, making them more manageable and less prone to breakage. 

The presence of essential fatty acids and vitamins in cocoa extract promotes hydration, thereby contributing to the overall health and suppleness of the hair. 

Additionally, it can enhance the natural shine and luster of textured hair, making it look more vibrant and revitalized. 

Moreover, the subtle, naturally occurring chocolate scent of cocoa extract can leave the hair smelling pleasant, contributing to an enjoyable hair care experience.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein 

Hydrolyzed wheat protein is a derivative of wheat germ, broken down into smaller protein fragments, making it more accessible for hair absorption. 

Its molecular structure allows it to penetrate the hair shaft and replenish its internal structure. For short, textured hair, this protein offers several benefits: it strengthens the hair and increases elasticity.

Wheat protein also forms a protective film on the hair's surface, locking in moisture and aiding in detangling. It adds volume by temporarily filling gaps in the hair cuticle. 

Additionally, hydrolyzed wheat protein helps to retain moisture in textured hair, preventing dryness and frizz, and thereby enhancing manageability and the overall appearance of the hair.


Glycerin, a humectant, is effective in shampoos for short textured hair due to its ability to attract and retain moisture from the surrounding environment. 

It contains three hydroxyl groups that form hydrogen bonds with water molecules, promoting water retention within the hair shaft. 

This property is particularly beneficial for textured hair, which tends to be more prone to dryness and breakage, as it helps maintain the hair’s moisture balance.

Vanilla fragrance oil 

Vanilla fragrance oil is primarily used in hair care products for its pleasing scent. However, the oil itself does not inherently possess properties that benefit the structure or health of short textured hair. 

Nevertheless, the aromatic experience can evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, which can contribute to the enjoyment and perceived effectiveness of the Choco-vanilla Volumizing Two-way Shampoo. 

Vanilla extract 

Vanilla extract is derived from vanilla beans. It contains a variety of compounds, including vanillin, which is primarily responsible for its signature aroma. 

Additionally, vanilla extract has antioxidant properties that can help shield hair from environmental stressors, potentially reducing breakage and dullness. 

Furthermore, the natural oils and B-vitamins found in vanilla can promote hair health by moisturizing and strengthening the hair strands. 

For short, textured hair, which often requires added moisture and protection, the components of vanilla extract can offer hydration, improve shine, and enhancevthe overall hair resilience against daily wear and tear.


Panthenol, often referred to as Pro-Vitamin B5, is also a highly effective ingredient for the Banana & Peanut Bliss Exfoliating Shampoo due to its deep moisturizing capabilities. 

When in a shampoo applied to hair, it is converted into pantothenic acid, a component naturally found in hair, which binds to the hair shaft, coating and sealing its surface. 

For short textured hair, this leads to increased strength by reducing breakage, split ends, and hair thinness. 

Additionally, by attracting moisture from the environment and retaining it, panthenol imparts a volumizing effect, making each hair strand thicker and fuller. This not only enhances the hair's overall appearance but also provides a styling benefit. 

Hair treated with a panthenol-infused shampo becomes more manageable, elastic, and easier to style. Then, you can wear a wider range of hairstyles and be less susceptible to heat and mechanical damage.

Aloe vera juice 

Aloe vera juice is a versatile and valuable ingredient in shampoos for short textured hair due to its rich composition of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. 

Known for its moisturizing and soothing properties, aloe vera juice helps to maintain optimal hydration levels in the hair, thereby addressing the common issues of dryness and brittleness associated with textured hair. 

It also promotes a healthy scalp environment, which is fundamental for hair growth and vitality. The inherent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of aloe vera juice can alleviate scalp irritations and dandruff, fostering healthier hair follicles. 

Additionally, its ability to smooth the hair cuticle makes it a fitting component in the formulasfor Choco-vanilla Volumizing Two-way Shampoo.

Fragrance Notes

The Choco-vanilla Volumizing Two-way Shampoo emanates a luxurious and indulgent scent that captures the essence of dessert decadence. 

The top notes open with a burst of rich, dark chocolate, both tantalizing and comforting, evoking a sense of gourmet delight. 

This chocolatey aroma seamlessly melds into the heart notes of velvety vanilla, adding a creamy sweetness that is both warm and inviting. 

As the scent unfolds, underlying hints of caramel and cocoa add depth and richness, while delicate floral undertones lend a subtle freshness, ensuring the fragrance remains balanced and not overly sweet. 

The base is subtly anchored by creamy undertones, rounding out the scent profile to leave an intoxicating, yet sophisticated olfactory experience.

Usage Instructions

  • Shake well before use.
  • Wet hair thoroughly.
  • Apply a sufficient amount of the two-way shampoo.
  • Lather well and rinse thoroughly.
  • For best results, follow with the Roots Conditioner.¬†

Final Thoughts

Through this formula, AI is setting you up for a luxurious experience mirrored after our Shampoo Five. 

Designed to uplift your senses and add volume to short, textured hair, the Choco-vanilla Volumizing Shampoo offers a dual aromatic experience. 

However, you have the freedom to choose, from over 25 scents, your preferred fragrance of Shampoo Five, and then enjoy the benefits it provides for your short hair all day. 

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