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Doctor Recommended 6 month set

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Stock up and save!  Get a 6 month set of the doctor recommmended topical treatment for hair regrowth.

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The Most Doctor Recommended Treatment

Experience the #1 doctor recommended treatment from Club Roots, a global leader in hair growth technology.

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Technical Specifications

Type of Hair Loss:

Mild to Moderate Hair Thinning

All Natural:

No, but contains the number one doctor recommended ingredient for hair growth


Lightweight serum applied through a brush or sprayer


Apply every night after shampooing.  A little bit goes a long way!  For maximum benefit, apply twice a day.


2oz, or a 1-month supply with 2x daily use


Made in the USA by Roots, Inc



Why it can help

What it does:

Increses blood flow to your hair roots, which improves overall hair growth and reversing hair loss

Club Recommendation:

This treamtment works even better when applied with Spark-6 and Spark-12, which contain additional therapeutic ingredients that improve the results of this treatment

What about an all in one?

Spark 16 contains all ingredients, including this one, for maximum growth


1 month:

Weaker hairs will make way for newer, stronger hairs.  New growth will begin below your hair roots

3 months:

By this marker, you'll definitely experience smaller, newer hairs that are thicker and stronger than your existing weaker hairs.

6 months:

It's important to stay consistent, and use the treatment twice a day for maximum benefit.  You'll experience thicker, fuller hair by this point.  Your results will be even better if you combine this treatment with Club Roots Spark-6 or Spark-12.

12 months:

Apply every night after shampooing.  For maximum benefit, apply twice a day.

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The history of hair growth



How soon can I expect results?

Spark gets to work right away, and you should see results very quickly.

Why should I choose Roots?

You'll save compared to big subscription clubs, as well as receive premium, Made in the USA treatments.

How often should I apply this treatment?

You can start by using it every night, and increase it from there to twice a day, for maximum bernefit.  Always shampoo before applying this treatment for the highest therapeutic benefits.