The Ultimate Topical Set for Hair Growth

Total Hair Optimization 2021

Total Hair Optimization 2021

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Reverse signs of hair loss

Designed for Sensitive Scalps

Earth Grown Active Ingredients

Doctor Recommended

Thousands of five star reviews

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Introducing Total Hair Optimization

Club Roots has assembled and built the ultimate topical treatment set for hair growth that is powered by over 30+ plant powered ingredients, and also include the #1 doctor recommended topical treatment in our program.

These ingredients are built to work together, so you'll grow further when you use the entire set.

Total Hair Optimization was built to solve hair loss exactly where it starts: at your hair roots.  By avoiding oral supplementation, we avoid any side effects that can happen when you take an oral pill.

Designed for Men & Women

No Testing on Animals


Clinically Proven Hair Growth Ingredients

Our active ingredients are all carefully selected based off proof in medical journals that they improve your hair's growth, hair's health, and overall performace of your hair follicle.

When you choose Club Roots, you're choosing a company dedicated to manufacturing performance hair growth solutions, and maximizing your hair's potential.

Broad Spectrum DHT Blockers


Hair Growth Stimulants

What's In Your Hair Growth Box

The ultimate hair growth shampoo

As a global leader in hair growth technology, Club Roots has been helping members from around the world since 2015 grow their best hair.

"People are quick to discount that shampoo can't effect your hair health, but that doesn't reflect what we've seen in our Club Members and what has been published in well documented, peer reviewed journals" says Dr. Luna, MD. 

Shampoo & Conditioner is just part of your hair growth journey.  Including Spark or Spark Plus, which delivers active ingredients for 12 hour shifts, is essential for optimal hair growth.

Plant Powered Active Ingredients

Targets Hair Roots with Active Ingredients

Protects Hair Roots from Elemental Damage

A salon-grade, premium conditioner

Roots Conditioner makes use of advanced, bio-adhesion technology to deliver extra caffeine directly to your hair roots.

"Hair loss doesn't stop on it's own" says Dr. Luna, MD. "The proper dosing and delivery of active ingredients is essential to stop hair loss."

Roots Conditioner makes use of NEOhair Cationic Technology.  This advanced delivery system charges caffeine with a strong polarity charge.

NEOHair Cationic Technology

Targets Hair Roots with Active Ingredients

Protects Hair Roots from Elemental Damage

Also Included

A Daily Use Hair Growth Serum

Spark Plus helps you grow further directly at your hair roots.  It is the result of advanced clinical research in the dermal papilla, or the root of your hair.

"Spark Plus represents a breakthrough for Club Roots for topical efficacy of hair growth compounds." says Dr. Luna, MD.  "We're really happy to get this product in the hands of customers around the world."

By enrolling in Total Hair Optimization, you'll cover all major pathways that drive hair loss.  The most important thing you can do is stay consistent.

Reset Hair Follicles

Progressive Hair Growth Over Time

Hands Free Application with Precision Sprayer

Also Included with your Membership

The #1 Doctor Recommended Treatment

A staple for hair growth since 1990, this treatment helps stimulate hair growth with daily use.

"A lot of Club Members are already using this treatment, so we recommend they stick with it. Spark Plus contains an all natural ion channel opener which mimics the effect of this treatment, but using both together may lead to even greater hair growth" says Dr. Luna, MD.

The best thing you can do is get started today.  The majority of people who suffer hair loss wait to take action.

Hair loss is a progressive condition, which means your hair loss can get worse slowly, over time.

Total Hair Optimization, by Club Roots, reverses this condition so your follicles don't get weaker each day from hair loss.

Follow application instructions for optimal results

Free with Membership

Ultra High Purity

Advanced Technology Powers Club Roots

NEOhair Technology

Club Roots treats hair loss topically, the first time, and every time.  Our treatments deliver multiple active ingredients directly to your hair roots.

This avoids the need for supplements.  Supplements are great for essential vitamins and minerals.  For hair loss prevention and hair growth, the Club Roots medical team recommends treating the condition with topical treatments.

"Why would you take a supplement, which affects every single body system, when you can send these ingredients directly to your hair roots?" says Dr. Luna, MD.  "Our treatments work by delivering ingredients directly to where you need them, at your hair roots."

Broad Spectrum DHT Blockers

DHT is one of the reasons people lose hair.  Unfortunately, once-a-day finasteride only blocks 80% of this molecule in your body.  By adding Club Roots to your hair growth routine, you'll block additional DHT.

By using broad spectrum DHT Blockers, Club Roots improves any other hair growth treatment program you are using, and can effectively block the majority of DHT at your hair roots.

There are a lot of Club Members that ask if we recommend prescription finasteride, or "naturopathic" solutions for blocking DHT.  Because there are strong opinions on both sides, Club Roots official position is to take no position on this question.

What can I expect when using Club Roots?

We've answered thousands of Club Members questions.  The most frequently asked ones here.

Why should I join your Club?

Club Roots helps grow your hair further than just using traditional, doctor recommended treatments.  We do this by treating hair loss comprehensively, using ingredients that are proven in medically researched studies that can show pro-growth effects on your hair.

How soon will I see results?

You'll see results within the first week with Roots Shampoo, and our topical treatments get to work and start delivering results in as soon as 1-2 months.  For full growth, you'll need to let your hair follicles cycle through their natural anagen/telogen phase.  This can take up 3-6 months.  Be patient, and stick with the routine!

Will Club Roots work for me?

Over 92% of Club Members respond to our treatment system, because we include the #1 doctor recommended ingredient in our overall plan.  When you join Club Roots, you are part of a group of thousands of Club Members growing their hair with us, and get the added benefit of a friendly Club Concierge, who helps you out through your journey.


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