Experience Total Hair Optimization™ with Spark

Spark - Tratamiento para el crecimiento del cabello con más de 6 ingredientes activos
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Why did Club Roots create Spark?

As a manufacturing expert in healthy hair shampoos & conditioners, we saw an opportunity to help all our clients grow further with additional, post-conditioner leave on treatments

Where is Spark Sold?

Spark can be found at over 100+ physicians offices around the country, including the following:

How do I use Spark?

Simply spray the precision atomizer to allow for complete hair roots coverage.

We recommend 10-12 sprays in the morning & evening 

How can I learn more about Spark?

Sign up to our Spark mailing list and learn more about our innovative hair treatments, original research, and more.

Club Roots is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company focusing on discovery, development, and commercialization of treatments for hair growth.