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Club Roots uses more active ingredients to improve your hair and scalp health

Let's skip the fluff, ingredients matter.

Power up your hair growth routine

Our active ingredients are all carefully selected based off proof in medical journals that they improve your hair's growth, hair's health, and overall performace of your hair follicle.

Our collective set of active ingredients are backed by clinical studies to show improvement in hair growth and hair follicle stimulation.

Broad Spectrum DHT Blockers


Hair Growth Stimulants

All Roots treatments include the patented DHT-RX5 Complex

Blocking DHT is an essential aspect of a hair growth routine.  All our Growth Plans offer our patent-pending DHT-RX5 Complex

DHT-RX5 Complex

Roots Shampoo uses a patent-pending DHT-RX5 complex to reduce DHT at your hair roots, which is a leading cause of hair loss

The DHT-RX5 Complex is a patent-pending complex engineered by one of our chief bioscientists in Silicon Valley, CA. Through a lab partnership, Club Roots achieved breakthrough efficacy and stability of a complex of DHT blocking ingredients. This is an essential component in any proper hair strengthening and anti-hair loss routine

And Over 35+ More Ingredients

We love that you're a researcher!  Scroll down to see some of the select active ingredients that power Club Roots, along with the clincial studies.

Apple Stem Cell Extract

Stem Cells have regeneretive therapeutic properties on hair and hair health.  


A potent anti-oxidant, Resveratrol reduces perifollicular fibrosis, or the hardening of the hair follicle shaft

Procyanidin B-2

A phytochemical from apples, Procyanidin is one of the most promising hair growth active ingredients.  In an independent Japanese study, users who used Procyanidin B-2 experienced similar growth to Minoxidil.


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