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Let's reinvent hair health.

Keeping your hair should be easy. As someone in their late 20's who had thinning hair, it became a personal mission of mine to preserve my hair and enjoy life to its fullest. Along this journey, I've had the good fortune of meeting some of the world's experts in the field, and brought them together to create Club Roots.

There have been breakthroughs in science and engineering that allow us to bring you some of the world's most effective products. On each package you receive from Club Roots, you'll be well informed on what's inside, and why it helps your hair. We're on a mission to bring to you the highest quality products available, with cutting edge innovations that work in synergy together to keep your hair where it belongs, on your head.

Our goal from day 1 was to do everything differently than how it has been done before. We're fixing this broken process along the way, and want you to join us.


Stop using your father's hair products. We're bringing breakthrough innovations to our club members that haven't existed before. By always challenging the status quo, we're building the most unique products to address hair health.

Direct to Club Members

When you see cosmetics in stores, they have passed through so many hands that manufacturers skip expensive and high performance ingredients. We're disrupting the industry by manufacting much higher quality products than seen in retail, leveraging multiple patents in both delivery systems and ingredients.

Total Hair OptimizationTM

We've taken all the guesswork out for you with our comprehensive approach called Total Hair Optimization, which combines proven, FDA approved treatments such as minoxidil 5%, along with clinically proven ingredients that address a wide variety of pathways in the hair ecosystem.

NEOhairTM Lipospheres

NEOhairTM Lipospheres deliver active ingredients slowly over time instead of all at once. This technology allows treatments to be far more effective by delivering a consistent level over time.

Polymer Technology

Advancements in polymer science are allowing new formulations never before possible, as a wide range of ingredients previously incompatible can now be built together.

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