How we manufacture hair growth products

/state of the art hair growth science

Founded in 2015, Club Roots has a reputation for researching and manufacturing the most clinically advanced hair growth topical therapies. We’re focused on building the most advanced hair growth treatments possible because our looks depend on it, and your's do too!

We're not satisfied with the status quo of hair growth treatments, and neither should you.  Our treatments are always improving as we've partnered with doctor's offices around the world to study and advance new therapeutic models for hair growth and hair health.


We own and operate a 5,000 state of the art research and manufacturing facility in Miami, FL.  By manufacturing these treatments directly and selling to you, we can offer the highest  quality product possible, and push the boundries of innovation & efficacy.


Our public-private partnership with doctors around the country allows us to advance the field with newer, more powerful therapies each year.  

At Club Roots, we're not beholden to an ego of a single physician, or claim to have all the answers.  Our topical treatments are constantly improving as we work with members around the world to grow more hair.