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Lets be honest here, Hair Loss is complicated. While the causes are now well-established, high performance hair growth products have not existed until Club Roots.

The Known Causes for Hair Loss

The Solution - Total Hair Optimization

Our dermatologists believe that comprehensively combatting hair loss is the best solution to growing the thickest possible hair. Each product uses the latest in materials science and polymer technology to create the most proven and most effective hair growth products today. Thick hair is possible at any age if you take care of your hair the right way.

Our Active Ingredients

Hair Follicle Stimulators

What many people don’t realize is that they have thousands of dormant hair follicles on their scalp. If inactive for too long, they fall out and lead to balding. Our bioactive follicle stimulants work by:

  1. Shifting hair follicles from their telogen (resting phase) into their anagen (growing phase).
  2. Decreasing the miniaturization of the hair follicle
  3. Increasing the thickness and pigment of new growing hairs and existing hairs.

DHT, an analog of testosterone, is the foremost cause of male pattern baldness. Stopping DHT is absolutely necessary when growing thicker hair. Each product contains unique DHT blockers stop DHT in 3 powerful ways:

  1. Preventing DHT Creation from being created by inhibiting the enzyme (5a-reductase) from interacting with testosterone
  2. Preventing DHT Targeting from reaching your hair follicle by sequestering free DHT
  3. Preventing DHT Receptor Up-regulation stop DHT from acting upon your hair follicles.

DHT Blockers

Anti Inflammatory Agents

Frontal blading is caused primarily by perifollicular inflammatory infiltrate aka your immune system is a little too active on your scalp. This type of inflammation can end up killing hair follicles and supporting cells.

Our Anti Inflammatory Agents focus on:

  1. Increasing the survival rate of your hair follicle cells and supporting cells.
  2. Preventing downstream targeting by the inflammatory molecules.

Environmental stressors, pollution, and aging all cause the formation of Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS) on your scalp. Our clinically proven anti oxidants give you the best possible hair by.

  1. Radical Scavenging - Neutralizing free radicals is necessary to prevent further damage to the hair follicle.
  2. Repairing the Follicle - Protecting the hair follicle from ROS allows for proper repair and maintenance of the hair follicle. This increases the size of the hair follicle but will give you thicker hair for longer.
  3. Strengthening the Follicle - The goal is not to just have good hair. Certain anti-oxidants are known to increase the tensile strength of your hairs. The end results is hair with more body and volume.

Anti Oxidants

Why do we use NEOhair Liposome Technology?

In order to stimulate the hair follicle most effectively, our powerful active ingredients must be delivered deep into the follicle, remain at there for an extended period of time, and be at the correct concentration.

This is all possible due to Club Roots NEOhair liposome technology. Our hydrophobic liposomes diffuse easily through the hair follicle and can target hair stimulation targets more effectively than ever before.

The Benefits of NEOhair

  1. No Side Effects… Most leave-in hair topicals use alcohol to deliver active ingredients. Alcohol dries out the scalp, can cause irritation, and in the end stop people from consistently using their hair topical. Our NEOhair liposomes diffuse easily into the hair follicles without drying or irritating the scalp.
  2. 12 hour ingredient release… Our liposome technology allows for ingredients to be absorbed and then released over a 12 hour period. If you use Spark twice daily, you can ensure that your hair follicles are stimulated 24/7.
  3. Higher Absorption & Deeper Delivery… Our NEOhair liposomes significantly increase absorption and increase biological targeting from our active ingredients. This guarantees that your hair follicles are getting all the active ingredients at the right concentrations.
  4. Protecting Active Ingredients… Protecting each active ingredient from UV radiation, light, oxygen, and other molecules is necessary when creating an effective hair stimulation treatment. If the active ingredient changes before reaching the hair follicle root, then the ingredient will not have its intended effect.

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