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A Hair Strenghening Product Increases hair volume, body, and shine†.
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Skincare for your Hair

Reduce split ends and make your hair glow with fuller volume, body, and shine


an unboxing

of Bloom

~ Earth Grown Ingredients ~

Encapsulated with NEOhairTM

Contains some of the world's most renowned natural ingredients.
Number One

Apples have been used for centuries for their powerful health and skin properties. Beyond the powerful antioxidants which help your skin, apples contain a class of ingredients known as procyanidins.

Sourced from Lausanne, Switzerland, our premium apple extract has been encapsulated with NEOhairTM technology to give it a clear appearance. Unlike a shampoo, this leave on treatment keeps working on your hair throughout the day.

Number Two

Free radicals in the body cause damage to our body and skin continuously. This effect is noticed even more on your hair, because your hair follicles contain the fastest replicating cells in your body. Resveratrol is one of the most potent antioxidants that reduces these signs of damage which ultimately appear in your hair.

Treat yourself hair well with resveratrol extracted from grapes grown right here in Napa Valley, California. Your hair will thank you, and you'll see less split ends and damanged strands over time.

Number Three

That hot cup of coffee you have in the morning contains a powerful ingredient, caffeine. This ingredient has many anti-aging properties for skin and hair.

If you can get it by drinking your daily coffee, why is it included in Bloom? Great hair starts at your roots, and enough caffeine doesn't make it from your daily cup to your hair follicles. Bloom batches include just the right amount of caffeine to gently stimulate your hair.

Apple Extract

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  • Use Twice DailyTreatments need to be applied once in the morning and once at night for optimal results.
  • One Month SupplyOur big bottles are 4oz, double the industry standard of 2oz. With standard usage on the entire scalp in the HydroBrush, this should last you one month.
  • Continuous TreatmentOnce hair loss has started, there is no "undo" button. You will have to use the treatment continuously to fortify and protect your hair.
  • TimeYou have to have reasonable expectations of growth and hair health. Hair follicles cycle in 3 month periods, so during the first few months you may only be activating dormant/resting hairs. It may take up to a year to see the full effects, although some see it as soon as a few months.
  • Before/AftersWant us to be on the journey with you? Send us photos of your initial hair, and then every 3 months to A doctor will work with you.