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Brush Set

The Brush Set has everything you need to get started. It includes the #1 doctor recommended solution for hair growth, Minoxidil 5%, along with clinically advanced ingredients in Spark and Roots Shampoo.
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We make it Easy

Haircare starts at the Roots

Since hair is so close to your skin, it is possible to take care of your hair using a multi-lateral approach, in a treatment philosophy we call Total Hair Optimization. We have built our treatment systems to improve as many pathways as possible for hair health.

NEOhairTM 12H Time-Release Ingredients

We encapculate our ingredients using NEOhairTM liposomes, allowing for time-release ingredients. This allows for continual release of ingredients rather than delivery all at once.

Advanced Features

Each product includes advanced ingredients and technologies. Scroll down to learn more about what's included in this set.

Delivers treatment directly to your hair roots
50 bristles dispense treatment with even coverage of your scalp


Apply treatments quickly and easily with the RootsBrush, a treatment dispensing hairbrush that gets the treatment directly to your hair roots.

Spark - Topical Therapy
for Hair Stimulation

Built to boost and impove your hair health routine, Spark contains advanced innovations in both ingredients & delivery systems.

Patented NEOhairTM
liposome technology
Multilateral ingredients
with minoxidil synergies
Made in the USA using cutting edge manufacturing processes
Skincare for your hair ultra gentle treatment that improves hair health
"I wish I had joined Club Roots as soon as I noticed hair loss. Not only did the shampoo imvprove the immediate appearance of my hair, but the combination of Minoxidil and Spark has kept my hair looking great in my 20s. Not to mention the peace of mind, knowing that there was a great company I trusted curating breakthrough hair growth products and I didn't have to think about it." -Matt
FDA approved treatment for hair growth
#1 doctor recommended topical treatment for hair growth
Ultra High Purity Minoxidil

Minoxidil 5%

The #1 doctor recommended treatment for hair growth, Minoxidil 5% is an important part of your hair growth routine.

Roots Shampoo

Roots includes advanced, clincially proven bioactive ingredients, along with advanced thickeners to increase your hair volume as soon as a single use.

Bioactive natural ingredients offer DHT blocking effects
PBAE mimic polymer with volumizing properties
Gentle, all natural foaming system
Made in the USA using cutting edge manufacturing processes

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