Biotin Shampoo with Hair Growth Actives

Formulation: Original


Get better, stronger, and healthier hair with Biotin Shampoo +, our most effective shampoo for hair health & hair growth.

Who is it for?

  • For Everyone: Strong enough for more advaned issues, as well as keeping hair loss from happening in the first place.  
  • Lock In Moisture: Cosmetically designed to kee hair moisturized and healthy, unlike many other products which dry out and add buildup to hair. 
  • Comprehensive Ingredients: A full combination of pharma, biotech, and natural ingredients for superior results. 

Key Growth Features:

  • Optimized Biotin Dosage: Two pumps contain your daily dose of biotin.  This is an essential vitamin for healthy hair growth.
  • DHT Blocking: Helps prevent early stage hair loss, and what everyone should be using to keep their hair healthy.
  • Adds volume and moisture: Great for when washing hair.  Daily use shampoos often dry the hair out, ours never will.

The ultimate shampoo for hair health

Clinically advanced ingredients power these treatments

Additional Information & Instructions for Use

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