Biotin Shampoo with DHT-RX5 Complex

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Experience our strongest, most potent hair restoration shampoo.

What is the Biotin Growth+ Shampoo?

Biotin Growth+ Shampoo is based on years of research regarding what ingredients can effect and alter the growth state of hair from activating the top layers of the dermis.  Club Roots set out to use real clinical analysis on dose levels and key actives that actually work, and optimizes these levels further based off feedback from Club Members like you.

With an unprecedented blend of 14 key actives this clinically advanced shampoo activates DHT reduction,cellular turnover, dermal stimulation, and an anti-inflammatory response.  The medical team at Club Roots has created the ultimate shampoo for reversing shedding, adding circumference to the hair shaft, and working as a counterpoint to increasing efficacy of any other topical solution.

Sulphate and paraben free as part of our commitment to creating the ultimate solution with no cosmetic compromise.  Experience the new standard in hair growth technology.

    DHT-RX5 Complex™

    Key Growth Factors

    Active Ingredients, Additional Information & Instructions for Use

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