Spark Regrowth Topical System

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Minox has been on the front lines of fighting hair loss for 30 years.  It was the first medication approved to actually regrow hair.  As is with hair issues, some people respond favorably to treatment, while others see less efficacy or benefit.  

That is why Spark was created.  Club Roots, working with top dermatologists and chemists, recognized some of the limitations for the drug and wanted to increase the likelihood of noticeable improvement in the hair while adding further clinically based benefits.  For years, science did not understand the exact mechanism of action for Minoxidil, but today we fully understand why it works. 

It is successful due to its Ion Channel Opening capacity.  This is a process in the hair follicle which leads the hair cycle into its growth phase. 

Club Roots recognizes the need for secondary benefits such as DHT reduction, increased absorption of actives (especially in the frontal hairline) as well as reversal of perifollicular fibrosis.

All of this is activated with Spark as well as its ability to decrease inflammation and increase antioxidant activity.  Combining therapies leads to a powerful and fully synergistic hair loss strategy. 

Which Spark is Right for You?

Spark™ contains 6+ Active Ingredients block DHT and stimulate maximum hair growth

​Spark Plus™ contains 12+ active ingredients to block DHT and stimulate hair growth

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