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Build a Hair Growth Box to get started on a better hair growth journey.

What is the Biotin Growth+ Shampoo?

Biotin + Growth Shampoo is based on years of research regarding what ingredients can effect and alter the growth state of hair from activating the top layers of the dermis.  Club Roots understands that there are many options in "thinning hair shampoos" and set out to use real clinical analysis on dose levels and key actives that actually work.

With an unprecedented blend of 14 key actives this clinically advanced shampoo activates DHT reduction,cellular turnover, dermal stimulation, and an anti-inflammatory response.  The medical team at Club Roots has created the ultimate shampoo for reversing shedding, adding circumference to the hair shaft, and working as a counterpoint to increasing efficacy of any other topical solution.

Sulphate and paraben free as part of our commitment to creating the ultimate solution with no cosmetic compromise.  Experience the new standard in hair growth technology.

Key Growth Features:

  • Micronized™ Biotin: Two pumps contain your daily dose of biotin.  This is achieved because Biotin is a very small molecule.  We took great efforts to find sources of Biotin that could be transported across the scalp to the follicle.  By charging a Biotin molecule with a cationic charge, the product engineers at Club Roots developed a novel way to keep biotin on the scalp post-rinse off, allowing the ingredient to continue to work on your follicle for the next 12 hours after rinsing off.
  • DHT RX-5 Complex™: Utilizing broad spectrum DHT Blockers, Biotin Growth+ Shampoo blocks DHT on your scalp for optimal hair health.  It is vital to block as much DHT as possible, as this inflammatory molecule can progressively damage your hair follicle.
  • Anti-Oxidants: Key antioxidants such as Procyanadin B-2, Resveratrol, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D all work together to reduce free radial damage at on both your skin and your hair roots.  Anyone undergoing hair loss has oxidative stress on their follicle and can benefit from a daily dose of free radical scavanagers.


When used 2x a day, the Hair Growth Box is a comprehensive treatment solution

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