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A better hair growth experience starts with a better delivery system. Introducing the HydroBrush from Roots Hair Club.
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Apply treatments quickly and easily with the RootsBrush, a treatment dispensing hairbrush that gets the treatment directly to your hair roots.

Clients can monitor treatment usage easily with slider
Stopper keeps treatment in brush head and not handle
Liquid dispensing bristles apply treatment directly to hair roots
Each brush stroke applies 2mL treatment
"I wish I had joined Club Roots as soon as I noticed hair loss. Not only did the shampoo imvprove the immediate appearance of my hair, but the combination of Minoxidil and Spark has kept my hair looking great in my 20s. Not to mention the peace of mind, knowing that there was a great company I trusted curating breakthrough hair growth products and I didn't have to think about it." -Matt

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What Should I Fill in the RootsBrush?

The RootsBrush is designed for Spark. Maintaining and stimulating your hair comes down to consistently using a hair topical and using an effective topical serum.

The RootsBrush makes applying Spark twice daily take less than 10 seconds. Spark is the result of decades of cutting-edge research designed to be the most comprehensive, multilateral approach to thinning hair. Developing each bottle of Spark begins by sourcing ingredients of the highest purity, tested each time for exact specifications before building the batch.

Each of the 6 active ingredients is then encapsulated using our patented NEOhair liposome technology. This ensures higher absorption and extended delivery of active ingredients to your hair follicle roots.

Take charge of your daily hair health routine by using the RootsBrush with Spark.

But what about minoxidil 5%?

The RootsBrush is currently not built for minoxidil 5%. The high content of propylene glycol in minoxidil 5% can cause clogging and leaking of the HydroBrush if the bristles are not consistently rinsed and the cover is not used properly. The RootsBrush is primarily designed for Spark.

Can I combine Spark & Minoxidil 5% in the RootsBrush?

We are currently working on a model of the RootsBrush that will have long-term compatibility with both. If you combine Spark and Minoxidil 5% in the RootsBrush, it will most likely clog within 1 to 2 weeks of use.

  • Let the HydroBrush glideWhen the HydroBrush glides on your scalp, it will automatically dispense treatment easily.
  • Brush twice on top of head, once on either sideTo get complete scalp coverage, users should brush the top of their head twice, and once on either side. Since the crown is very sensitive to hair loss, sometimes it makes sense to brush an extra time on the crown.
  • Use Approved TreatmentsAll treatments offered by Roots Hair Club are built for the HydrobrushTM. Results may vary with other products.
  • Clean with Soap and WaterEvery month, you may wish to clean the brush. To clean the outside, wash with water and then wipe very gently with a paper towel. To clean the inside, pour soap water through the brush and then rinse with water.
  • Empty Before TravelNobody wants to get treatment over their clothes and suitcase. When travelling, simply dump out the treatment back into the TSA approved bottles you initially received. The rubber stopper included with the premium aluminum bottles allows for a leakproof flight.