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Get Started on a Better Hair Growth Journey

Club Roots has taken all the guesswork out on what an effective hair growth routine.  For Dietary Hair Loss, our team has designed and put together one of the most effective, multi-lateral treatments available.

What's Included?

Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner Set and Spark Topical Treatment for Hair Stimulation.

Who is it for?

Women can lose 35-50% of their hair count before thinning is noticeable.  Future hormonal changes, pregnancy, medication, and both maternal and paternal genetics can and will play a role in the health of your hair.  Stay ahead of these issues with this comprehensive strategy.

What we recommend:

This type of thinning requires growth actives and an adequte source of building blocks for your hair.  Both Biotin and Collagen are essential vitamins and proteins that ensure healthy hair growth.

Club RootsTM has done extensive research into this area of hair loss.  When thinning occurs in both the frontal and crown area, it is important to block as much DHT as possible as well as increasing blood flow to the frontal hair line.




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