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Roots Conditioner

Roots was specially formulated for optimizing your hair with clinically proven active ingredients.
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An Advanced Conditioner

All natural, patented active ingredients
Cationically (positive) charged active ingredients reain on hair roots even after washing
Made in the USA using cutting edge manufacturing processes
Gentle, all natural foaming system

What Separates Roots?

Roots includes cationically charged active ingredients that remain on your scalp even after rinsing, and includes polymers that increase your hair volume as soon as a single use.

Why Roots Conditioner



Clinically Proven

Advanced, bioactive ingredients are included in Roots to nourish and provide your hair with the support it needs at a follicle level. These natural active ingredients, some which are patent protected, have been shown to strengthen and lengthen hair.

Ultra Gentle

A shampoo should be ultra gentle, so gentle in fact that it heals your skin from any irritation. Cheap shampoos use non-natural foaming systems combined with harsh ingredients. We’ve formulated Roots to be as gentle as baby shampoo and have included ingredients that revive the environment for your hair.


During the process of hair optimization, it is vital that your hair continues to appear full. Roots uses both short and long-term volumizers to increase hair shaft diameter.* By adding natural volumizers, Roots ensures that the appearance of your hair will look natural as you continue on the process of Total Hair Optimization.

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