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Roots Shampoo
Roots Shampoo
Roots Shampoo
Roots Shampoo

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Introducing the Roots Shampoo & Conditioner

Roots Shampoo and Conditioner deliver superior hair results, for both men and women, who are facing any issues relating to follicular dysfunction: hair loss, thinning hair, or alopecias. Roots Shampoo was formulated specifically to revitalize your hair roots, where the activity of your hair follicle occurs.

The DHT-RX5 Complex is a patent-pending complex engineered by one of our chief bioscientists in Silicon Valley, CA. Through a lab partnership, Club Roots achieved breakthrough efficacy and stability of a complex of DHT blocking ingredients. This is an essential component in any proper hair strengthening and anti-hair loss routine

Blocking DHT is an essential aspect of a hair growth routine.  All our Growth Plans offer our patent-pending DHT-RX5 Complex

DHT-RX5 Complex

Roots Shampoo uses a patent-pending DHT-RX5 complex to reduce DHT at your hair roots, which is a leading cause of hair loss

High Dose Caffeine powers each dose of Roots Shampoo & Conditioner.  Caffeine has numerous effects on healthy hair, and is proven both in our own studies and independent clinical studies, to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Cationic Caffeine

Caffeine reverses effects of DHT, one of the major drivers of hair loss.  It also increases blood circulation and extends the cycle of the Anagen Phase.

Trusted by Dermatologists, Worldwide

What can I expect using Roots Shampoo?

86% of Club Members experience stronger, longer, healthier hair growth when

using Roots Shampoo as part of their daily hair growth routine.

How long until Roots Shampoo starts working?

Within your first day of use, you'll start to experience the effects of Roots Shampoo.  

Consistency is key!  Stick with your treatments daily for the best results.

How do I use Roots Shampoo & Conditioner?

It's important to leave Roots Shampoo on for a few minutes to let the actives deliver to your hair roots.

Follow the same with Roots Conditioner.

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