Spark - Treatment for Hair Growth with 6+ Active Ingredients

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Get better, stronger, and healthier hair with Spark, a topical DHT blocker that inclucdes 6 clincially proven ingredients for healthier hair.

Spark was built to literally Spark up your hair follicle and includes additional synergistic compounds for healthier hair growth.

What types of hair situations is this for?

What is Spark?

Club Roots was built on the fundamental belief that current hair growth strategies and treatments can be improved on for a higher level of efficalcy.  Spark is the realization of that pursuit.

Using the highest possible dosage of key clinically proven secondary growth agents, Spark is designed to increase the growth possibilities of any regimen you are currently on.  Thus, allowing for strong synergistic response in the follicle itself.  It's formulation is also fully encapsulated in liposomes using our BioHair technology.

This allows the ingredient to get through the skin effortlessly and time release directly on the hair follicle.  This proves to be vital support for rejuvenation, expecially for the frontal hairline. Safe to use with any other medication or therapy, Spark increases growth potential into your hair regimen.

Key Growth Features:

  • NEOhair Liposome Encapsulation: Our active ingredients are encapsulated with NEOhair technology, which allows delivery directly to your hair roots
  • Broad Spectrum DHT Blocking: Spark contains active DHT blockers to limit your hair's exposure to this harmful molecule
  • Anti-Oxidants: Key antioxidants such as Resveratrol reverse conditions such as perifollicular fibrosis, which can happen with active hair loss

Which Spark is Right for You?

6+ Active Ingredients block DHT and stimulate maximum hair growth

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