Spark Brush - Precision Hair Root Applicator

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The SparkBrush dispenses Spark directly to your roots without getting it on your hair.

What is it?

Club Root's proprietary hair therapy dispensing brush is the first of its kind to administer the perfect coverage of Spark topicals to the top of the scalp. Simply fill the brush with Spark and as you glide through your hair, it is applied directly to the scalp where it belongs.

Its layout of thicker than normal bristles with ample space in between each allows for scalp stimulation without any pull on the hair which is crucial for people suffering from hair loss to reduce any extra hair fall during a stage telogen effluvium.

It is designed to work with encapsulated water based topicals like Spark and Spark Plus.

📝Club Member Note: Not for use with Minox due to its thicker viscosity.

What is the SparkBrush?

How do I use the SparkBrush?

What is the future of the SparkBrush?

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