An essential upgrade to your haircare routine

Spark Plus - Hair Growth Serum with 12+ Active Ingredients

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Rebalance your scalp and hair roots

Designed for Sensitive Scalps

Earth Grown Active Ingredients

Doctor Recommended

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Spark SprayWith 5% Minox FoamWith 5% Minox Liquid
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Introducing Spark

Spark was introduced by Club Roots in order to provide optimal hair roots support.  Haircare starts at the Roots, and by using Spark, you can further strengthen your hair to look it's best everyday with natural skincare ingredients, vitamins, and minerals.

How Do I Use Spark Plus?

This treatment is offered in both an atomizer and with an applicator brush.  Simply spray the atomizer 15 times to your hairline and scalp, with a focus on delivering the product to your hair roots.