Experience Total Hair Optimization™ with Spark Plus

Spark Plus -  Topical Hair Growth Treatment
Spark SpraySpark Brush
Spark Plus -  Topical Hair Growth Treatment
Spark SpraySpark Brush

Why did Club Roots create Spark Plus?

Spark Plus is our strongest hair growth treatment

to strengthen and improve your hair after continuous use.

Who is Spark Plus For?

Men & Women looking for healthier hair growth

How do I use Spark Plus?

Spray the atomizer to allow for complete hair roots coverage. We recommend 10-12 sprays in the morning & evening 

Trusted by Dermatologists, Worldwide

Technology Behind Spark Plus

Advanced Hair Growth & Hair Loss ingredients delivered directly to your hair roots

High Dose Caffeine powers each dose of Roots Shampoo & Conditioner.  Caffeine has numerous effects on healthy hair, and is proven both in our own studies and independent clinical studies, to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Cationic Caffeine

Caffeine reverses effects of DHT, one of the major drivers of hair loss.  It also increases blood circulation and extends the cycle of the Anagen Phase.

The DHT-RX5 Complex is a patent-pending complex engineered by one of our chief bioscientists in Silicon Valley, CA. Through a lab partnership, Club Roots achieved breakthrough efficacy and stability of a complex of DHT blocking ingredients. This is an essential component in any proper hair strengthening and anti-hair loss routine

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