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This patent-pending formula brings you 6 ingredients which improve your hair†.
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We believe that a time is coming where applying skincare for your hair will be as standard as applying deodorant for many men. There is simply no reason why most men can’t keep their full head of hair. Instead of starting too late, men will start at the earliest signs, which will allow them to keep their flow. Go ahead and enjoy your youth in confidence. Don't worry about your hair and just live your life.

Using NEOhairTM technology, our active ingredients are waterproof after a few hours. Go ahead and jump in the deep end. You'll still have flow. Learn more about this here.

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  • Use Twice DailyTreatments need to be applied once in the morning and once at night for optimal results.
  • One Month SupplyOur big bottles are 4oz, double the industry standard of 2oz. With standard usage on the entire scalp in the HydroBrush, this should last you one month.
  • Continuous TreatmentOnce hair loss has started, there is no "undo" button. You will have to use the treatment continuously to fortify and protect your hair.
  • TimeYou have to have reasonable expectations of growth and hair health. Hair follicles cycle in 3 month periods, so during the first few months you may only be activating dormant/resting hairs. It may take up to a year to see the full effects, although some see it as soon as a few months.
  • Before/AftersWant us to be on the journey with you? Send us photos of your initial hair, and then every 3 months to A doctor will work with you.