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Your total hair optimization program for a complete, comprehensive approach for your hair.
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What's Inside?

Delivers treatment directly to your hair roots
50 bristles dispense treatment with even coverage of your scalp


Apply treatments quickly and easily with the RootsBrush, a treatment dispensing hairbrush that gets the treatment directly to your hair roots.

Minoxidil 5%

The #1 doctor recommended treatment for hair growth, 5% minoxidil is an important part of your topical treatment.

FDA approved treatment for hair growth
#1 doctor recommended topical treatment for hair growth
Ultra High Purity Minoxidil
Patented NEOhairTM technology
Formulated specifically for the RootsBrush, will not clog or leak with continual use
Made in the USA using cutting edge manufacturing processes
Skincare for your hair ultra gentle treatment that improves hair health

Spark Refill for RootsBrush

Spark, our state of the art treatment for hair stimulation uses research-grade ingredients with patented NEOHair technology to deliver skincare for your hair.