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Club Roots does what no other hair growth routine does: a complete, topical only delivery of active ingredients to your hair roots.

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Exclusive biotech ingredients

  • DHT-RX5 Complex

  • Apple P1 Complex

  • Pimoxidil, a patent-pending ion channel opener

  • Natural peptide complex

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What's Inside

Roots Shampoo

High Performance Hair Growth, delivered 

Introducing the Roots Shampoo

The ultimate shampoo for healthy hair growth.  Loaded with 12 earth grown active ingredients for healthy hair growth with daily use.  Safe for all hair types.

Key Features

  • Strong cleansing with gentle all natural foaming system

  • Stimulates Hair Roots with High Dose Caffeine, P1 Apple Extract, and more.

  • Anti-Hair Loss with Daily Use

  • Blocks DHT with DHT-RX5 Complex

Roots Conditioner

Grow further with a high caffeine conditioner

Introducing the Roots Conditioner

The ultimate anti-hair loss conditioner that works daily to optimize your hair with Total Hair Optimization technology.

Key Features

  • High Dose Caffeine to Continue Hair Stimulation at the Roots

  • Reduces Scalp and Root Irritation

  • Anti-Hair Loss with Daily Use

  • Blocks DHT with DHT-RX5 Complex

This product is loaded with a high dose of caffeine, in addition to the DHT-RX5 complex.  High dose caffeine has been shown in studies to stimulate the hair follicle to keep it in the anagen phase for longer.  This is important in the hair loss process, as many people need to maintain their current hair while their dormant or weaker hair roots can start recovering from the effects of DHT.

Spark Plus

Works 12 hour shifts with 12+ active ingredients at your hair roots

Experience Spark Plus

Our strongest, patent-pending treatment.  5 years ago Club Roots launched Spark, our original topical treatment for hair growth.  Since then, we've improved the strengths of our treatment offerings with Spark Plus. 

  • Pimoxidil, a Patent-pending ion channel opener

  • Blocks DHT and Stimulates Healthy Hair

  • Improves Hair Roots Function

  • Healthier Hair with Daily Use

Club Roots is transforming the way people battle thinning hair.

Club Roots is a global leader in advanced topical treatments for thinning hair.  As a vertically integrated biotech, we own our manufacturing and work with advanced manufacturerus to develop useful and powerful natural materials such as Apple P1 Complex.

Containing some of the most innovative and advanced ingredients to stop and battle thinning hair, Club Roots creates topical solutions for healthier hair growth.

Our P1 Apple Complex Extract helps stimulate natural, thicker, fuller looking hair, along with 35+ other active ingredients.  As a 100% drug free topical only club, we avoid any harsh ingredients which can cause side effects.

This is a breakthrough in the haircare industry, and Club Roots looks forward to serving all of you in your hair growth needs.

DHT-RX5™ Complex Blocks DHT

Blocking DHT is an essential aspect of a hair growth routine.  All our Growth Plans offer our patent-pending DHT-RX5 Complex

Reduce DHT at your Roots

 Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein is one of the active ingredients in DHT-RX5 complex, and has been shown to reduce DHT at your hair roots

The goal of Club Roots is simple: grow more hair.  When you use our entire treatment system, the topicals and shampoo work together at your roots for improved progress each day.

Hair Growth Improvement

Hair Length Improvement

Hair Density Improvement

The goal of Club Roots is simple: grow more hair.  When you use our entire treatment system, the topicals and shampoo work together at your roots for improved progress each day.

Powerful, Active Ingrdients

Club Roots uses cutting edge, patent pending ingredients.  No matter what else you're using to grow your hair, you want to add Club Roots to the routine, as these treatments will boost the effects of other treatments.

Precision formulations is part of what makes Club Roots the most advanced hair growth club on the internet.

Apple P1 Extract

Apple P1 Extract has regenerative therapeutic properties on hair and hair health.  This ingredient is so important that Club Roots has built our own extraction process for Apple P1 Extract in our encapsulation technology called P1.


A potent anti-oxidant, Resveratrol reduces perifollicular fibrosis, or the hardening of the hair follicle shaft.  This is a major side effect that happens during hair loss.

Club Roots has submitted novel publications regarding reversing this effect at industry leading events.  Learn more about Club Roots original research here.


Caffeine reverses effects of DHT, one of the major drivers of hair loss.  It also increases blood circulation and extends the cycle of the Anagen Phase.

And 30+ More
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Results don't lie.  While your results may vary, sticking to a comprehensive hair growth routine and being consistent are the keys to success

Powerful, Active Ingrdients

"I've been using Total Hair Optimization now for a few months, my hair has gotten denser and fuller.
It really works!
  Jen, a Club Member since 2020